Friend Jason and I were lucky enough to be able to take our boys out fishing for a day, on a weekday when the boys were out of school on a holiday.

After getting the boat splashed and everybody picked up and situated we spent the first part of our adventure searching for bait. We had plenty of live shrimp, but still wanted to see if we could find some pilchards.

The red tide was bad in some areas, and when we finally netted bait at the tripod, most of it died pretty quick. With that we went in search of cleaner water back into the base of Matlacha, and Pine Island Sound.

The bite was tough but the kids had a great time.

We did manage a few small spotted sea trout and ladyfish, along with 1 giant puffer.

And the dolphins gave us a great show, which seems to happen every trip now.

Big thanks to Jason for sharing some great pictures he took as well as video of the dolphins you can see here:

Another video rotated here, but pretty entertaining commentary and some good jumps.