The Saturday charter with first time customers Rusty and JD started well. Everybody was right on time for our 10am departure from Punta Rassa, for our 6 hour trip. Then, within a few minutes I was able to net plenty of bait at the causeway without much searching in just 3 throws of the net. There didn’t seem to be any evidence of red tide like the week before as we started drifting some grass flats on the slowly incoming tide. Before long we were able to zero in on some trout hitting the scaled sardines under corks we were using for bait. Unfortunately they were all 14” long, or smaller. Throughout the day we must have caught 20-30 of them without 1 being keeper size. We also worked some creeks and mangrove shorelines during our day where we caught ladyfish, jacks, snapper, and landed 1 decent snook.

Wish we would have gotten the giant snook we came up on to bite, instead of spooking her. All in all it was a great day with great people and on the water!