The day was warming up some, but there was still a cool breeze blowing as my first time Canadian clients boarded the boat right on time for our 4 hour afternoon Fort Myers fishing charter. The tide was now flooding the Back Bay giving us access to the area we found some nice fish on Monday. So that’s where we went to start our fishing.  On the way we found a group of dolphins that played and jumped in the wake of the boat starting the trip off nicely. The first fish came pretty quick as a small jack gave dad a decent fight, but came to the boat quickly for the release. It took a little while for the next bite, and it was from a huge fish. Dad got the bite again and the big fish just screamed drag off of the reel and swam way under the mangrove roots and broke the line before he could do much of anything. Luckily Bill got another chance before too long and he did an awesome job of battling the fish before it had a chance to get under the trees. The big redfish gave a great fight but Bill led him to the net nicely for some pictures and the healthy release.

We continued casting along the fishy looking shoreline and young Ryan got a chance on another big fish, but once again it got under the mangrove roots to break the line. With that it was time to try something different so it was off to the docks so Ryan could catch some fish.

The bite started a bit slow, but we started catching the usual jacks, sheepshead, and snapper, once the tide started moving.

The family wanted one more dolphin encounter to end the day, so we went in search of them. On the way came upon a good sized loggerhead turtle that let us get very close. Then we found the dolphins again who willingly played along with us again before we had to speed off to the ramp and end another great day on Estero Bay.