We had found some nice redfish the last few trips in Estero Bay and the tide and wind were perfect for the day’s charter to hunt them again. A few jack crevalles and ladyfish got things started for the group of 3. Then along came the big bite of the day. Luckily the fish ate the large shrimp away from the mangrove shoreline and never really tried to head that way.

The lady on board did an amazing job of battling the huge redfish to the boat where we took a couple of quick pictures and released it swimming away strong. Next up was another great redfish up near the top of the slot limit of 27”.

Then finally, the guy who booked the trip and really wanted to catch a redfish caught his to add to the tally for dinner.

We added sheepshead, snapper, and more jacks to the rod bending action of the day, before it was time to call it and head to the ramp after another great day in Estero Bay.