Our Saturday fishing trip started late in the day after a full morning. Good buddy Scott Riddle was able to join my boy, nephew, and myself for a quick trip to Estero Bay in Fort Myers Florida, for Scott’s first chance to get on the water in some time. The afternoon breeze was blowing fairly hard as we headed out without any shrimp, and plenty of anxious anglers. So we decided to look around New Pass for some bait, and it was quickly obvious that we weren’t going to be able to look for any bait off the beaches, as the whitecaps warned us not to try. In a moment of indecision we see a buddy and his family parked along the shore, with a ton of other boats, and beach right next to him. After not seeing them in ages we caught up quick, and he graciously gave us a couple dozen shrimp before they were off to a function and we were now in business to find some fish. Big thanks Jeff!  The tide was looking good at the first spot and it didn’t take long for my boy to get hooked up first on the shrimp he was pitching under the trees.
The nice red burned a lot of drag and it was a great struggle for him to keep it out of the trees. 

That started a pretty good bite that lasted until we ran out of shrimp.
In only an hour or 2 of fishing we managed a few reds, with Kolton’s nice drag screamer the biggest, and a few snooklets.
Everybody tried a few different artificials, when the bait tank ran dry, without any luck and as usual before we knew, it was time to head towards the ramp and finish another great day on the water.