While at the Carl Johnson Boat Ramp at Lover’s Key waiting on my clients Sunday morning, I met a couple of guys looking to fish as much as possible while they were together in Fort Myers. They were waiting on their Captain booked for the day, but wanted a charter Monday as well for which their Captain was not available.  I gave them a card and told them to call me that evening, as the 4 guys from Canada loaded my boat for their day’s adventure. We had an awesome day on Estero Bay, with the fishing, the dolphins, and the weather. A few small snook, jacks, and some decent snapper came aboard before we worked our way over to some grass flats and caught a bunch of spotted sea trout.

The guys landed several keepers with the biggest being a nice fish over 22” before it was time to end our day.

Rob and John from the ramp Sunday morning did call, and we arranged a charter for Monday. The request from the guys was to try to find some redfish, but they added as we loaded the boat, that it would be nice to catch a decent snook as well. The wind had changed from the previous week making it impossible to catch the nice bait that had been off the beaches the week before, but we had a livewell full of shrimp and I threw the castnet a few times and gathered some small pinfish and mojarro for the day’s offerings. The north wind had settled in making the temperatures just beautiful, but changing all of the patterns that the fish had been following.

We managed a small snook to get things started with not much else until Rob got the fish of the day. The nice snook ate a pinfish under a mangrove tree and immediately screamed off some drag getting farther back into the submerged mangroves. Rob did an awesome job of keeping pressure on the fish and it gave us some great jumps along the edge of the mangroves before we got it out to open water to complete the battle. After a quick photo we released the fish that looked to be over 30”.

We got a few trout after that and before we knew it, it was time to head to the ramp after another great day in Estero Bay.