I had returning customers and friends on the boat Friday. We met on the already warm morning about 8am at the boat ramp at Lover’s Key, which is just south of Fort Myers Beach. The boat was already loaded with bait for the full day trip, plenty of frozen threadfins and shrimp from previous trips, very decent sized live shrimp for this time of year, and both livewells brimming with fresh caught small to medium sized threadfin herrings. Once everyone and everything was loaded and secured on board we headed off the beaches in search of tarpon and sharks to start the day. We drifted several different baits and caught some small fish consisting of jacks, sand trout, ladyfish, and mackerel, along with a few sailcats. But no sharks and no sight of much activity, so we headed inshore to fish the top of a nice high tide. The first good fish came before too long, and Jason did a nice job of horsing a good redfish out from under the flooded mangrove roots.

We continued catching fish here and there as we stalked the shorelines of the back bay, using the trolling motor. Another nice fish of the day, and not the most common catch was a nice flounder.

With a few redfish, some snook, flounder, trout, and a bunch of other fish caught and released, the day ended all too soon. But it was one the best days for this group, on what has become a yearly escape for them.