I got a call early in the week from longtime friends and customers, the Ganchou family, asking about an opening for a fishing trip. I was able to fit them in for an early trip out of Marco Island on Thursday. We met at the ramp at 7, and after a bit of a scramble, purchased some tiny live shrimp and hit the water. The first stop was very close to the ramp, and we started catching fish immediately.

Carol started it off with a fun little snooklet.

Everybody caught a fish or 2 before we moved on to find the next bite.

On the way, we found a pod of dolphins willing to play. They gave us a great show, playing in the wake of the boat almost at arm’s reach, and jumping so close that they were splashing us in the boat. After the great show we continued on past Goodland to the base of the 10,000 Islands. The fishing as the weather, continued to be hot.

The small snook and snapper were taking our baits at every spot we fished, along with a lone rat redfish that we found. To finish the day we casted some lures on a favorite spot, caught a few ladyfish, then Kyle got the best fish of the day on the artificial.