I’m a little delayed getting this fishing report up, but I had to share what a great day we had. I met the first time clients, a father and son team, at Lover’s Key right at 7am for a half day trip.

I grabbed a few dozen decent shrimp from the baithouse and we left the dock quickly, looking to add some more likely baits to the livewell. On the still very low tide we managed to add a nice mixture of small pinfish, mojarro, pigfish, and whitebaits to our menagerie of live and artificial offerings for the day. The first spot was a bust, with nothing more than some bait stealers, and we didn’t spend much time there. On the journey to the next spot I spotted some manatees and we got a better than usual view as I slowed to a drift. What looked like a juvenile swam up fairly close to us for a quick hello, as 2-3 others appeared to be “frolicking” and coming quite a ways out of the water. As we moved to the next spot, there was a good bit of activity visible as I slid the anchor into the 2 foot water. The bites and fish started right away with schools of rampaging ladyfish and small jacks busting schools of small baits all around us. The first fish to the boat is a perfect warm up, a small jack crevalle.

We landed a few ladyfish and then Sean got the only snook of the day.

He did a great job and we worked together well all morning.

The next spot was almost nonstop action. The first fish was a great team effort with dad making a nice cast and hooking what turned out to be a nice redfish, and handing off to Sean for the fight and landing.

As we net the redfish, a rod set in a rod holder bends over double, and we hear the line peeling off the reel. After a typical round the boat, nice jack battle we get a good picture and release it for another day.

The best fish of the day is up next and gives the young man all he can handle on the 12# spinning tackle.

The beautiful redfish poses nicely before being added to the livewell for dinner.

One more nice red comes to the boat before the bite slows and we head towards the next part of the day, a search for dolphins.

After running all around Estero Bay looking for them we finally find a few, and they are more than willing to play. There were 3 that decided to give us an incredible show jumping, playing, and surfing in the wake of the boat just feet from us for a good 10-15 minutes. With huge smiles for all of us we head to the ramp to clean the fish and say our goodbyes after another great day in Estero Bay. Want to add a huge thanks to David for sending me the pictures he took!