Unfortunately a setting got changed on the camera so the few pictures even showable, don’t convey the great day we had. With it being the last day before the start of 4th grade, the 2 of us spent it together on the water. And we couldn’t have asked for a much better day. It started with calm water and the second throw of the castnet so full of nice bait that I had trouble lifting it into the boat. The tide just started flooding in as we anchored at the first spot, and the fish were hungry.

We caught mangrove snapper, redfish, snook, jacks, and a cool little goliath grouper before it was off to the next spot of the day.

We had to hunt a little to find more fish, but we found them to the tune of several more nice redfish and snook, along with a few big fish lost heartbreakingly by my boy.

A nice swim cooled us down to end another great day on Estero Bay.