Had a great charter on Tuesday with first time customer Jeff, in town for vacation. It was just the 2 of us as we left the dock at Lover’s Key just about the time the sun was peaking over the horizon. We started the day heading out of New Pass looking for the snook that have been pounding the bait along one of the shorelines. The tide was still swiftly running out, and there wasn’t any visible activity in the muddy looking dark water. So we were off to the beaches from there to hunt for bait. They were right where we left them from the day before, and a quick throw of the castnet loaded the livewell with frisky whitebaits for the day. Next stop was a small trough along an oyster bar about midway back into Estero Bay to fish the last of the outgoing tide. We hooked, landed, and lost a few small snook to get things started. Once the tide turned, and started coming back in, we went back to New Pass and found some snook more than willing to play.

We landed several decent fish and had a few break us off when we couldn’t stop them from reaching the submerged trees. Jeff also landed a small gag grouper that had one of our hooks already in its lip and must have been one of the fish to break us off previously.

To finish the day we fished the same productive grass flats from the day before and caught a bunch of trout, getting Jeff a limit of nice fish up to 20”.

We met Captain Larry Regienczuk, who writes for the Naples News, at the cleaning station and he shared a blurb about our catch on his weekly report, which can be seen here http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2012/oct/17/fishing-report-bait-aplenty-give-fish-something-go/?print=1