I just had to share a big milestone catch on an offshore charter this week. The sharks have really started to show offshore adding some great excitement to our trips. On Tuesday while fighting what turned out to be a 7’ or so Sandbar Shark that took over 40 minutes on 30# spinning gear, another shark was hooked on heavier 50# test 4/0 gear. The shark on heavier gear came up comparatively quickly and Captain Scott and I couldn’t have been happier to see the first ever Tiger Shark for either of us brought to the boat for a clean release.

The beast was in the 6’ range and unfortunately the pictures don’t do it justice.

Still an amazing animal for all of us on board to see! We also caught some great fish for the table over the last couple of days, with some nice red grouper up to 26” or so, porgies, mangrove snapper, triggerfish, and yellowtails, among others. We have also had some tremendous gag grouper bites even though we have been fishing spots to try and avoid them because they are out of season.

I have a couple more offshore trips the next couple of days, and then have a good run of inshore and tarpon trips next week as they are starting to show. Looking forward to calm seas and tight lines!