Once again with fishing almost every day, I’m not having much time for reports.

I’ve had several inshore charters where the highlights have been some very nice flounder, a few black drum, some big Jack Crevalles, and lots of smallish snook.

One of the more entertaining trips had us catching a few small stingrays before we hooked a monster one that had to be almost 6 feet across that we fought on 12# spinning gear for about 20 minutes before they handed the rod off to me to see if I could manhandle it to the boat. Unfortunately the tackle just wasn’t up to the task and I broke the fish off on a blistering run. When I haven’t been fishing inshore, the offshore fishing has kept me on the water. Another run of cold water has run the red grouper back a little deeper again, but we can still get them on the 8-10 hour trips. We have caught some beautiful big gag grouper as well, but they all have to be released. There have been some great snapper and porgy bites on the shorter trips. We have also started catching a few more sharks, and landed at boat side, guestimated 200# and 300# goliath grouper on successive trips. The kingfish were also thick as could be for a week or 2 in the chum slick, and we landed a few in the 20# range. That’s all for now, until next time, catch them up!