Getting a break from taking people out fishing recently, so what do I do with myself? Go fishing and scuba diving of course. I fished inshore for the first time in forever last week with my first mate and now inshore captain, Andrew. We started as the sun came up and had a great day. We started casting artificials to some juvenile tarpon without any luck. Then Andrew netted some live bait, and that got the bite going with several mid slot redfish, and a handful of small snook before it got too hot and we called it a day. I also got to do a dive trip with the family over the holiday weekend that also included a little fishing.

We found some fairly large red grouper, gag and scamp grouper, hogfish, and mangrove snapper.

Some highlights of the trip were my son having a nice mangrove snapper stolen off his spear by a 400# goliath grouper like it was eating a shishkabob. And a nice close up of a big sea turtle tucked under a ledge, as well as an interesting encounter with a very aggressive spotted moray eel.